Guangdong Only Machinery Co.,Ltd is established in 1994, it used to be a very small mill created by Mr. Huang Buming and Mr. Ye Guanyang. In 2003, the new office building, factory as well as dormitory for staff were adopted and today we have more 20,000 square meter coverage and more than 200 staff.
       Now, our company is the largest manufacturer in China professional at fully hydraulic high precision injection molding machine; In 2004, our company was rewarded by Science and Technology Ministry of the People’s Republic of China as “National Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise”.
       Our Fully Hydraulic four cylinders plastic injection molding machine has been awarded patent by U.S.A, Japan and European countries, our R&D has fund support from Chinese government.
       Through so many years’ efforts, today we can offer many special designed plastic injection molding machine such as super-high precision machine for VCD disc, for light guide board, etc; the repeatable accuracy is up to 0.02%, the injection speed is up to 1000mm/s, this is a quite proud achievement at the international level.

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