Established in 1994, Guangdong Only Machinery Co.,Ltd is the largest and most professional manufacturer of high-precision plastic injection molding machine in China. Through decades’ years of research and design, we have made numerous technical breakthroughs and our products have won the praise of customers around the world, many of which become our distributors. Our fully hydraulic four-cylinder structure has been awarded the patent by the government of China, U.S.A, Japan and many European countries.
       In 2003, we developed the first Chinese digital disc injection molding machine. This is a milestone of China's plastic injection molding machine industy because never before has been a Chinese manufacturer could make a disc injection molding machine. Our repeatable accuracy of the final product is up to 0.14% and our injection speed is up to 1000mm/s and we are the best choice for world wide customers to produce high-precision products such as digital disc, light-guide board, electronic component, etc. Our machine could make light guide board at 0.4mm thickness. And our hydraulic system is highly tidy and clean, most suitable for food packing and medical appliance production.

Our machines have seven series,

C-series is standard configuration plastic injetion molding machine;
H-series is medical appliance plastic injection molding machine;
E-series is high-precision plastic injection molding machine;
F-series is high injection speed plastic molding machine;
PET-series is plastic injection molding machine professional for PET bottles;
Double-shot-series is plastic injection molding machine for final products having two colors;
Disc-molding-series is plastic injection molding machine professional for VCD and CD disc;
U-PVC series is plastic injection molding machine professional for U-PVC materials;

Our company has passed ISO-9001/2000 and all our machines have passed CE certification. We adopt very strict and rigid quality control on every detailed production line.


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